Building a Ryver platform in SuiteCRM

We have tried all the tools, Trello, Slack, Jira, Ryver, Google Tasks, Hangouts, Skype, you name it and we always seem to eventually run into some feature we need as we grow. So we have decided, after being with vTiger for many years, to make the move to SuiteCRM and to build our own inhouse tools.

Our goal is to build something like Ryver and we wanted to know if someone else has tried this already?

We will use Kanban for SuiteCRM but then we need a chat option like Slack/Ryver. We’re doing some homework into IRC and we might be able to build KiwiIRC into SuiteCRM but one thing that we need from IRC is not only Channels but topics within Channels.

Has anyone looked into something like this and if not, perhaps this is a project we can collaborate on?

I’ve seen some talk of integrating Mattermost (since it’s open source, and quite feature-rich). SalesAgility uses it internally. But I don’t think anyone’s done it…

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One good candidate is Rocket Chat
it is also Opensource and supports Channels too.

One good candidate is Rocket Chat
it is also Opensource and supports Channels too.

Thanks pgr, will look into Mattermost

Awesome cherub-chum - will look into this one too.

Back on this. Has there every been a collaboration where devs here have come together to build a project out and then split the costs in the Store once the extension has been built out?

I like the idea, but I wouldn’t put it on the Store, probably. It could go directly into core.

But the notion of joining a group of interested people, paying for something (splitting costs) and giving it all to the Community sounds great to me.

Maybe this can be done with the help of a platform such as

@pgr - not familiar with Bountysource but that looks like a good way to go. Do you want to set it up from your end to be part of core or do you want me to set it up?

This particular topic (a full chat integration) doesn’t seem me the best project for a first attempt, so I hesitate. I’d like to start with something much simpler, like a bug fix…

I think getting used to this sort of initiative will take some time and some experimentation. It involves money, it is a sort of contract between multiple parties…needs to be handled with care.

Do we involve everyone here and create use case scenarios or where would that happen @pgr

In terms of what I need, it would be the following.

  • Convert all projects into Kanban board.
  • Create a single Kanban board to pull in all other cards from other Projects to manage everything in one place.
  • Ability to drag cards onto a Gantt-like timeline so that we can see what needs to happen where (like the link above)
  • When a card is moved from ToDo, a timer needs to kick in in order for us to measure the time the team member took against the time we thought something would take.
  • Ability for clients to see their own boards so that we can do planning with them. (for bigger projects)
  • Ability to create different discussion channels related to the projects so that we can keep on topic.

We have tried everything from Trello to Jira and none of it has worked for us yet so we decided to move to Suite and build it out for ourselves.


Didn’t see your reply. Was in and out of tabs and came back to this one late

@pgr - started a Bounty for this project here with the initial build out to pull tasks from different platforms into a single board in Suite so that we can then use a Gantt chart to plan our projects out

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May be it will be interesting for you.
This is project of kanban board:

This is project of integration SuiteCRM and

I think that chat is trend for get information.

Projects and Gantt chart modules are already available in SuiteCRM. Do you intend to use those and are looking for Some Integration that can pull Data from Other platforms?

@Grow @p.konetskiy
Hi, I could adapt my solution for the Design tasks module, I don’t know how much it will be in demand. I thought that it could be screwed to any CRM module by selecting the field with statuses. But so far he is heavily loaded at work.

Hi @cherub-chum.

We are looking for something far more robust in terms of Gantt charts. Like’s Gantt charts.

I am considering signing up to OpenProject and then seeing if we can use the data coming from Suite and use their advanced features.

The extensions at SuiteCRM I find highly overpriced for a small business like ours still growing