Best Calendar for Suite CRM -- (Plugin & Share)

Hello Guys

I have looked through Google and forums but still want to ask here,

What is the best way to plugin or share the Suite CRM Calendar, I have around 15 users on this system

I want them to be able to update their CRM calendar and this shares with their:

  • iPhones & iPads

  • Androids

  • Outlook

Plugins -

I have looked into the Opacus plugin for Outlook but thought I would see if there are any other options that I have missed??


I have looked into the sharing of the calendar but can’t seem to connect my iPhones or iPads

When inside the CRM I click on my name on the top right side > Advanced tab

Calendar options

  • Publish at my location:
  • Search location:
  • iCal integration URL

I assume to use iCal integration URL to link this with an iPhone & iPad??

When connecting the devices it asks me for a username & password (again i assume the crm username & password)

Every time it fails to connect

Just want to confirm I am using the correct things

If you need any more info, just ask

Thanks again

Hi Taufique,


Opacus is one option, but there are many others such as Grinmark/Riva.


Using iCal, you only need to ensure your Public key is valid for your user in SuiteCRM and there should be an integration URL. Enter this integration URL, in say Google, and this will integrate your calendar. You should not need to login anyhwere.



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Hi Will

Is there a way that we can assign different colors to users / employees in the system so that these respective colors can be displayed on the Calender

Hi there,

You would need to add custom code to handle this.



Thanks for the quick reply do you have any suggested links that I can have a look at

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

Not that I’m aware of. It would certainly require PHP/JavaScript/CSS modifications.



Hi Will

I don’t know if there might be other people with a similar request but I found this document which came in very handy for me as you can add your own fields and colors that you wish to display in the calender. And you can also link it to any specific field availbale in the meetings module

hi again.
i also have the same issue. I’m using Thunderbird Lightning and I added the ‘ical’ option and the publish URL for ical and it continually asks me for user/password and none of them seem to work. I’ve tried CRM user/pass combo. I’ve tried email address/crm password combo. I’ve tried crm user/publish key as password, etc. Nothing seems to work but it’s definitely finding the calendar on the server and kicking back response. Here is the response:



thanks for any help. I was very excited to see this might also replace my owncloud calendar sync system i have. :slight_smile:

[quote=“wayneoutthere” post=13645]hi again.
i also have the same issue. I’m using Thunderbird Lightning and I added the ‘ical’ option and the publish URL for ical and it continually asks me for user/password and none of them seem to work. I’ve tried CRM user/pass combo. I’ve tried email address/crm password combo. I’ve tried crm user/publish key as password, etc. Nothing seems to work but it’s definitely finding the calendar on the server and kicking back response. Here is the response:


I’m also having this issue, but with “SugarCRM iCal” server message. Where is this login and password?


Same problem here: can not access SuiteCRM ical calendar from external client such as Evolution. Password is not accepted.

I migrated from SugarCRM 6.5.20 to SuiteCRM 7.2.2 for this very same bug, :frowning: Apparently the same bug exists in SuiteCRM 7.2.2

Any workarounds?


With which calendar clients is this confirmed to work? Evolution calendar asks for password but accepts none. Same bug exists in SugarCRm 6.5.20

yeah. this is brutal. it’s really a critical feature. I am still getting exactly the same results as when I tried a long time ago (see my post above). I’ve tried every kind of manipulation of password/user that I could think of. Nothing works. No passwords accepted so that it works in lightning. I have my own owncloud calendar running perfectly so it boggles my mind.

Has anyone got suitecrm working with a caldav calendar like Thunderbird’s lightning? My life is on lightning so I would love any help. I’ll do testing if you need and I’ll publish a tutorial once it’s working, promise!

I’ve got no problem reading the calendar in Thunderbird / Lightning on Ubuntu, Android (with an app called iCalSync from the Play Store), or my Mac with Calendar.

However, to write to the calendar from any of these is not working… Lightning comes up asking for WebDAV auth, for which my SuiteCRM username/password doesn’t work, and Android just fails silently, not reflecting the update on the CRM itself.

is this issue still outstanding? too bad. this is tough. I want to implement the Suitecrm calendar across our company but we all use different calendar systems so it needs to be relatively good and at least work on Thunderbird so we have an open/libre solution… I’ll try again now to see if any updates have fixed it since my post way up there. If i don’t post back an update, assume that it’s still messed up…

I can confirm that as of today with most recent version of suite crm (although I’m still not sure how to check my version, ha) I still have this wacky problem. I still get the user/pass prompt in thunderbird calendar yet none of the user/pass works. Unless someone in this forum knows what user to enter and what password.

Even my owncloud install of the calendar works just perfectly in thunderbird lightening calendar but it’s awful that it won’t work with suite crm because I’d like to ditch my owncloud calendar and use this one.

I am on shared hosting if that’s of any help…

I’m wondering if it’s a server configuration thing that will make it work.

If anyone can help myself and others get our calendars (we don’t touch google) that would be so amazingly awesome. Thanks in advance and I’m happy to give you whatever you need to troubleshoot!

ok, so '‘maybe’ i’ve figured something out but problem is that i’m not a programmer… but I spent many hours on this so maybe…

if you look at this attachment from the sugar website (

you can see the ical url calls for a user name not an email. When I enter the url into thunderbird lightning it endlessly asks for the user and password. but now if you look at what my suitecrm admin page is spitting out for a uRL you will notice that it asks for an email instead of a username. it says

So what I’m thinking is that something in the suitecrm coding is off and it was supposed to ask for ‘user_name’ but accidentally the code from ‘vcal’ above got put in and it asks for email instead.

does this answer anythig? someting wrong in the php or something maybe?

Dang I wish i studied this stuff in school…

UPDATE! Good news, i stooped as low as to try importing the ical url into google calendar (can it ever fail?) and it even failed there.
So I have concluded by myself and without proper education that I’m right and that there is something fundamentally wrong with the coding of suitecrm that is generating this ical URL that we are supposed to be able to copy and paste into an ical system. Something is weird.

Please fix!

Please help! :slight_smile:


this problem is still unsolved. Any news?


Yes, sir. It is still unsolved. It’s kind of shocking because the calendar is such an important part of the CRM. I really, really want to integrate this into our company but so far we have to use third party calendar systems.

My theory is that it’s some kind of permission problem. It’s so weird.

My friend told me that something happened similarly with the Owncloud calendar module on an update where the share address got slightly changed from what it should be to work. I wonder if it’s the same issue? Like perhaps on a previous version it worked perfectly, they updated SuiteCRM and then the update started generating incorrect share URL. perhaps if we have someone who is using a working version of the calendar to share the way the URL looks and maybe we can manually change the URLS to work?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Here is how got iCal one way sync to work again in version 7.3.2

a) installed version 7.0.2 alongside the current version
b) in 7.0.2 replaced modules/iCals/iCal.php with
c) in 7.0.2 replaced modules/vCals/vCal.php with
d) changed file owner to apache:apache and rights to 755
e) copied iCal intergration URL to Evolution, no username, no email adress, tested and confirmed iCal to work
f) copied the updated vCal.php and iCal.php to my working version
g) confirmed iCal sync from SuiteCRM -> Evolution calendar now works

Please note: I have tried this update several times before with the working version of SuiteCRM without success. For some to me unbeknown reason doing it this way, i.e., via an old 7.0.2 version brought iCal back.

For what it is worth.


Updated files were found at

I had a similar problem in a VBA project I did two years ago. Unfortunately I don’t have my code here but I remember something about what was wrong and how I solved it.

The problem was with the MIME type of the URL you are serving your iCal file from. Google Calendar is picky and doesn’t like it if you use the wrong type. You solve it by configuring Apache on your server.

First you could check if this is the problem by examining what you see in

by feeding it the URL that works, and the URL that doesn’t work. If they are different, you can work from there.

I hope this helps.