BCC Email Dropbox

Hi, nearly all modern CRM systems support the ability to have a BCC address that can receive copies of messages sent via 3rd party systems.

For example, if I am responding to a support message within HelpScout, I can BCC it to everything from HighRise and ZoHo to Capsule and the message will be attached to the correct account within that CRM. (Here’s an example from Capsule: https://capsulecrm.com/support/drop-box/)

Sugar itself now offers a similar “free” BCC archiving capability as well. (see https://fayebsg.com/2013/10/sugarcrm-archiving-emails-to-sugar-without-a-plugin/)

This is really important when you are trying to capture Email that isn’t being sent via Outlook, etc.

Are there any 3rd party plugins that enable this capability, or is it already available in SuiteCRM and I’m missing it?


For anyone else looking to create a BCC inbox that distributes Email to appropriate contact records, this project appears to handle this situation nicely:


We are also looking for a similar feature. We currently use Capsule CRM where there this feature that allows me to forward any important message to a special email address and store it in the CRM database for future reference. Not only that, this allows me to create contacts from the imported email itself.

We received the following recommendations for Vtiger, so I was wondering if I can do the same with the current version of SuiteCRM

Please look at my free plugin store for this.

I have a complete free plugin ready for this. It’s upgrade safe.


This used to work e.g. in SuiteCRM 7.4.1 without a plugin. Has this feature been suspended?