Backend field validation

Based on “Show/hide field based on a backend calculation” would be great to have Backend Field validation

Could you please elaborate more it with example

  • Add VAT field in account module
  • Validate VAT field in account module to find duplicates by Process API
  • If Process Api find a duplicate, return a “Duplicate Account” error
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Could you not just make this a Duplicate Merge field in Studio to accomplish the same thing?

I’d like to find duplicates BEFORE I save record, this is only an example; with callback you may have more complex validations.
Anyway there are more request (and solutions) for 7.x

I think duplicate merge happens before save and asks you if you really want to create a new record.

This is the way - saved my bacon a number of times… gives you the opportunity to cancel before save too or proceed anyway

I do not able to replicate, and I’don’t find code about this on the repostory