How to check duplicate record?

I want to check. The inserting record it is already existed or not?

Hi @Jamshy_EK ,

If your importing and automatic duplication check is run which will be displayed on screen.
If you are creating a new record then you will get a notification if the names or the email already exist.
If you are worried about already existing duplicates you can run find duplicates from a record using the actions menu

let me know if this helps!

sorry, I want
when the user will fill them out the form CRM system should check them for the dupliate

Take a look into this module from the store:



It will work for every data?

Any other option through code?
not want using plugin.

Look this Prevent save (udpate and create) record under specific condition
I use this, and it works!
Hope the solution is ok for you!

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Hello where I can find the action menu?

How about it is possible to verify first before saving the data if the first name, lastname and contact number if already existing it should not be save. Is that possible?

I am a beginners for suite crm