Automated installation suiteCRM

I am happy to see that suiteCRM is steadily growing.
I just saw the graphs.

From the first moment I saw this project, I was impressed with the looks and completeness of this suite.
I am not a programmer nor a linux / unix specialist, so the learning curve is steep. But that has never hold me back from doing anything.

The problem is only that my hosting environment does make it complicated to have the suite installed.
I realised that I am not the only one, having that problem. And I am already for more than 20 years in IT.
I think that there is a huge potential for suiteCRM to get quickly a much larger user base and more people to know about this project when it gets integrated in automated installers.

So I contacted Installatron. Installatron is an automated installer plugin, integrated in many hosting management packages world wide.
They are not unwilling into adding suiteCRM to their automated installation list.

Phil, of the Installatron Support Team, answered that they will look into it in the coming week.
So hopefully, soon it will be available in Installatron.

Perhaps it is a good idea, to contact other automated installers, to do the same. This way, suiteCRM gets much free exposure to a large potential user base. I only found suiteCRM, because I wanted sugarCRM, but without all the restrictions.
A project / program like this, only survives, when it is well known and has a large use base.

Hi there,

We are working with a provider on an integration for users to register via our website and have an installed instance set up. There is no ETA for this but we will update you on progress.



Hi Will, is it me, that it sounds vague to me? I have no idea what you mean.
I was talking about getting suiteCRM installed automatically on someones hosting environment.
When I read your post, you are talking about an already installed instance. So I guess you are not talking about the same …

Can you explain in more detail what you mean?

Hi there,

This would be similar to what you request. An instance of SuiteCRM would be setup for you when you register. This would be your instance which would have full admin access, schedulers setup and would be ready to use out of the box.



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Thanks Will.
You mean full admin access to the system or to suiteCRM?
Most hosted environments, have no full admin access. That is what makes those environments more complicated to have programs like suiteCRM and alike, more complex to get installed and working properly, then they already are on a system where you have full access and full admin rights.
Most hosted environments have a much more closed and restricted environment to work from.
File and folder permissions are most of the times different, file ownership is often different and most of the time, it is not possible, to manage the file ownership, other than taking ownership. Giving the file ownership back to apache, is not an option.
Also, at my host, like many other hosting providers, they have an open_basedir restriction.

All in all, one needs much more tweaking and and adapting of parameters, to have the the program up and running without problems.
Since it is already not an easy program to have installed, it would be great, if this could all be handled by a smart(er) installer.
It would make the program available to a much larger group of interested people.


I’am new to SuiteCRM but I know Installatron and It’s a really useful tool to install fast without pain, manage backup/update etc.

Do you have some news about it?

Thank you

ps: thank you a lot for this amazong alternative CRM! Hope it will stay REAL opensource, not like VTiger or SugarCRM.

Can we install on local server ?


I have send a message to Installatron, where I have a ticket running about adding suiteCRM to installatron.
I asked them for an update about the progress of adding it to the program base. (List of programs to chose from)

When I receive an update from them, I will post it here.


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As I said, when I have an answer from Installatron, I’ll let you know.
I have received an answer by their ticket system and it is a good one:



I think this is good news for everybody.

Regards, Claudio.

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Very good job. Thank you.

Truly that’s good news for us :pinch:

I write to them too :

“SuiteCRM will become available within the next week or two. Thanks for the recommendation!”


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@ tezcatlipoca

Thanks for also contacting Installatron.

They are not very fast in the integration of suiteCRM.
My first message to Installatron was already at 28 Apr 2014, and still it is not done.
I wonder why something like this should take such a long time …
Especially, since much of the installation is similar to the installation of sugarCRM, which is already in the program base of Installatron.

Maybe they first wanted to see how suiteCRM is progressing …
I can imagine that there are projects that soon after they have started, already stop again, and then it is a waste in efforts to add it to the program base.
And bad for the reputation of Installatron.
Just a guess.

UP! We finaly managed to have SuiteCRM on installatron !!!

Good job )

It’s also on softalacous and bitnami …


I have SuiteCRM 7.15 installed using installatron and it is working on our server however it will not upgrade to 7.2.
When I use the wizard to upgrade it goes through the process of uploading the upgrade then kicks out of the wizard back to the home page. There is no upgrade waiting in the box that says " The following upgrades are ready to be installed:".
The php version is 5.6.
Do you have any ideas why I cannot get the wizard to install the 7.15 to 7.2 upgrade zip?
At first it was due to a corrupted file but that issue appears to have been rectified.


Is this the only answer? Nah. This is exactly why SuiteCRM will not get there with this model.
If you do not allow and aid free opensource usage to have basic installation that works then you will have people like me who are trying it out fully to drop off. I was looking to see if installatron would get/handle the upgrade. This is not worth the hassle. I am gone now. Bye.

Hi Dominique,

I do not know why the user above simply posted a link to their website, they are not affiliated with us or verified partners.

The forums are here for others to aid you with your issues and resolve.

What is the upload_max_filesize in your php.ini?

Have you checked the php error logs or the sugarcrm.log?

If you cannot access these, I would advise contacting installatron.

If they think it is a bug introduced in the 7.2 release, we will log this and work with them to resolve.

Kind Regards,


Hi Will,

I apologise for the curt reply. Glad to hear the above was advertising not associated with you. Thank you for clarifying my problem and this is what I had expected of the forum from what I had seen previously. It is why I have been giving SuiteCRM a go and I am impressed that you have clarified my concern promptly. I am sure you are busy with the update bugs.
So I increased the PHP 5.6 upload_max_ filesize to 8m and the max_execution_time from 30 to 60. Nothing.
I changed the config.php file ‘upload_maxsize’ => 80000000, Nothing.
Still not working.
I will send a ticket to installatron.


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