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Auto Logout after Inactivity and Cannot use Same Browser to log back in

I did finally get Suitecrm8 up and running today.

But, after going upstairs for a cuppa tea, I came back to find myself logged out, and the browser refusing to log me back in. It worked fine when I opened a new browser.

I cant find a setting to change this behavior to “Do not log me out”. Can you tell me where it is please.


Hi @larry,

When that happens, just refresh the page and try to login again. There is a know issue related with the XSRF cookie management. Its on our priority list to fix.

Another thing to check is php.ini

; Lifetime in seconds of cookie or, if 0, until browser is restarted.
session.cookie_lifetime = 0

Side note: if you have a 7.12 and a 8 instance running under the same domain you will get logged out very frequently, as they share the same cookie name and value. One will logout the other. If are one different subdomains or different ports that should not happen.

Hope this helps

Refresh works. thanks.

I changed my cookie lifetime to 64M It might be awhile before I know if it works… … and it didn’t. I don’t think php liked the “M”. 100000000 seems to work.

Each time you Refresh and log in it doesn’t take you to the screen you were on and if you’re deep into the studio, you’re toast if it times out. I’m on a shared server so don’t have access to php.ini is there no other way around this?

This is still a current issue in SuiteCRM 8.1.0.

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Any updates on this issue as it is still occurring.

I confirm that the problem persists

Yes, I have the same issue, I have to switch to the other browser to login every time, when this happens! Other users of the instance also have the same issue.