Assign New Lead to particular security group of people

Hello all
I want your help please. Here is the scenario :
Let say i create new lead and that lead is for (LS) i want to assign that lead to LS people same with (LR). if lead is for LS it should display that only in LS users and if lead is for LR then it should display in LR users only.How can this be possible ?

have a look at workflows. Set up two rules, one for LS and one for LR (-> conditions).
In each workflow, you can define

  • that the field “assigned to” is set to a member of a specific role or group
  • and/or relate a specific security group to that object

But maybe you should describe your use case a little more, I made some assumptions here :wink:

Ok thanks for your reply. Scenario is i have 3 roles
1: Management (all privileges)
2: Services Team ( It has some users say ABC , XYZ)
3: Product Team ( it has some users PQR)

Now problem is when admin login to the system and new lead comes and that lead is for (LS) then what should i do so that i can show only to LS users if they login like if ABC login or XYZ login . and if lead is for LR it should show only to LR users when they login to their system. i.e PQR

And what is the criteria to decide if a lead is meant for user group LS (respectively LR)?

We have a type of service for lead i.e LR/LS. if Lead is for LR it should to group of LR users and vice-versa

I just created such a workflow:

some labels in that screenshot are german (taken from a dummy system), I try to explain it a little more:

  1. condition: I added a dropdown field with options LS and LR. This workflow is meant for leads that belong to LS (->condition).
  2. actions:
    2.1 first action: sets the “assigned to” field to a (more or less) random member of the securitygroup (optional)
    2.2 second action: associates the security group “LS user group” to that record.

the same workflow has to be created for Leads that belong to LR.

please note: I set the workflow to run only for new records and to run only once per record.

This is the result after I did create a new lead with type=LS:

Now, you need to add roles to the newly created security groups (so that users are only able to view/edit leads that belong to the same group). Result: members of LS can only see Leads of type LS (same applies for LR).

hope this example makes things easier :slight_smile:

Thanks but i didn’t not understand actually that dummy data goes out of my mind. Sir Can you please elaborate in steps ?

i followed above steps but when i login with any LR users there also all leads are showing whether LR/LS

are the existing lead objects related to a security group? How did you set up the roles associated with the security groups?

Maybe you get a better understanding of Suite’s right management by reading this article.

in your case is it working fine ??

are your new leads related to one of the two mentioned security groups?
If yes: the problem lies within the role definitions.
If no: your workflow is faulty (maybe the conditions aren’t met)

ok please have a look

these are my roles and security groups

Yes my new leads are associated with one of the security groups. but when i am login using LS/LR user both shows all the leads.:disappointed:

If yes: the problem lies within the role definitions. Sir What kind of problem may be you are taking about.

Good morning sir
Thank you so much its working fine .There was an permissions issue in role.
Thanks a lot

Haven’t checked everything, but the permissions for object “Lead” are set to “all” in both roles.

Yes that was the issue only. It’s working now Thank you .
One more scenario please is it possible to assign lead to only one person of that group and only that person should see the lead can we do that also ?

Hi @namitkakusuitecrm,

Have a play about with the workflows and let us know if you run into any issues. Sounds pretty possible to me. Examples of where your at would assist us in helping out :smile:

Hello Mac-Rae
Hope you are doing well. I will try to do it using workflow and let you know for issues

Hello sir scenario is if i have a Lead for (LR) then this lead should assign to (LR) users only i.e group of LR users which is working fine now. Now if i want to assign that lead to only one (LR) user then what should i do in this case ?