Add Targets to target list by Report

I would like adding Contacts to a Target List from an Account search, so I created a new report based on Contact module and I’m using field to the related accounts module as conditions. I set this one as parameter, so I can change the conditions as pleasure
All runs with success, but when I use “Add to Target List” function the targets added to target list are always the result of native setting of report and not the last result using the parameter

I create a report that filters contacts by type field set as Customer, when launched result has 10 contacts; then I launch again the report using type “Partner” and result is 6 contacts. So I select “add to target list”, I checked inside the target I have just used and I find 10 contact and not 6 contacts by last result

“Add to target list” function uses always the result of initial setting of report

I had same issue

Remove the condition as a parameter and edit the direct condition, save + add to target list

Parameters are not included in export or add to target list