Reporter Add to Target List - Parameters

Hi Guys

I have noticed on the report when you set a condition as a parameter the “add to target list” feature defaults to the first results set in the editing of the report not on results of the set perimeter by the user

For example

My conditions are (parameters)

Post code - equals - blank
Job title - equals - blank

When I go into the report the pre set result is 527

I then update the parameters front end of report

Post code - equals - SN
Job title - contains - HR

results = 181

add to new target list

Target list has the original 527 inside?

I then edit the report to have these options inside the conditions so these are the first results when I click into the report = 181

Add to target list and the list has 181 inside

I can provide screen shots if needed


Detail view parameter changes are not taken into consideration for Add to Target List or Export functionality.

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Please take this as a feature request… it is important for the parameters to be considered in export and target list commands as well as we should be able to specify parameters in the report scheduler.

I am a big fan of the improvements to Reports & the addition of Report Scheduler, but we still aren’t very competitive with KReporter nor the built-in reporting capabilities of SplendidCRM.