Zooming in on email templates created by SuiteCRM

When I create email templates with SuiteCRM with the builder and then send them to myself to test, I can’t zoom in on them to read them. Is this just me, and my phone or is there some trick to make them zoomable on phone (by spreading two fingers, like everything else?).

There’s probably some HTML or CSS that will make that possible.

But are your other emails zoomable in that same email client?

Yes normally on my phone I can zoom in and out on html emails. I think you can allow this by a directive in the head of the email. Just have to find it I guess and see if I can customize because the head is not accessible in the builder.

If this for Compose view, or for campaigns? Or somewhere else?

When the email is actually delivered from SuiteCRM it cannot be zoomed. Regular text emails seem to work fine with zoom, but if an email template is used that was created with the template builder, they are not zoomable.

I’m thinking I’ve got to figure out where the <head> gets generated and add the directive to allow a zoomable window.

I could try helping you with this, that’s why I asked where the email was getting generated from - there are several different “email machines” in SuiteCRM.

Also, if you can provide the source HTML of the email you receive, that might help find things out.

Yes! I’d appreciate your guidance. Every time I delv into emails, I know the rabbit hole goes deep!

Thanks for chiming in @pgr, after more testing, I think it’s a “me” problem. When I send to my gmail it works but when routed through my business email server it doesn’t. I’ll have to troubleshoot that, probably somethings getting striped out from SuiteCRM → mail server → outlook. Anyway, I’m going to mark this one solved as it’s not a SutieCRM issue.

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