ZoomInfo Integration

We subscribe ZoomInfo service and integration into SuiteCRM } LEADS is a must for us. They seem to integrate with every CRM (but this) including SugarCRM (SaaS). I searched here and googled and couldn’t find anything. Any planned time-line on this before I give up?

I tried on their panel (admin.zoominfo .com/#/integrations ) checking the SugarCRM option (being the closest thing AFAIK to SuiteCRM ) and substituting the “URL Instance” field with the one where I have Suite8 running, to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.

No, I don’t think any integration is planned, it’s the first time I heard about Zoominfo.

I wonder if they did all the other CRM integrations themselves? Maybe they’re interested in doing one for SuiteCRM. It shouldn’t be too hard - it seems to be a simple integration just pushing data into Leads or Contacts modules.

About using the SugarCRM integration, that would crucially depend on how they’re connecting with SugarCRM. If they’re using the old v4 API it’s possible that it will work with SuiteCRM, although it might need some work to iron out any issues. If they’re using anything else, from after the time when the two products diverged, then there’s no chance it will work.

ZoomInfo is probably the World’s biggest Sales Leads Data aggregator. Kinda surprised you haven’t heard about them as well as that there hasn’t been any integration effort so far.
They connect with Salesforce, HubSpot, MS-Dynamics, ZohoCRM, SugarCRM, Pipedrive, Bullhorn and RingLead CRM platforms natively from their integration panel.

I’m not in Sales, that’s probably why I never heard of it. I use SuiteCRM for other things. Possibly many SuiteCRM users who do work in Sales are well aware of Zoominfo. It does look cool.

Well about the integration, I would advise you to not expect anything to happen on the SuiteCRM side, unless you can pull it off yourself, maybe by ganging up with other people interested.

As I wrote above, it is possible that Zoominfo are interested in pushing for this themselves, and possibly they have the resources. Maybe you can also ask at their forums.