ZIP Error(0): Status(9):

I have custom installer (manifest.php + 2 additional files) packed with zip (only files, not including directory). When trying to upload my module I got error “ZIP Error(0): Status(9): Arhive”.

I’ve tryied to use different zip app (mac and windows) and no effect.

Could someone tell me how to prepre archive on Mac in proper way ?

BTW - when unpacking working archive and pack again archive stops working.

If this is a new installation, is the ZIP module enabled in PHP?

I’d first check if the entire unzipping thing is working, by uploading an upgrade or language pack, before trying it with your custom module.

Some people report that unzipping in Linux and re-zipping, or doing it in Windows, has different results regarding these ZIP errors.

That’s not a new installation. Language pack and other zip files works fine unless unzipping and pack again.

It seems this has happened before

Make sure your manifest is where it is supposed to be inside the zip, not under an extra directory level. And then try the re-zipping in a different environment (so it uses a different program).

ZIP Language files should be loaded without the need to unzip and pack again.
So there must be some other issue.

When I unpack working archive downloaded from web and edit files ( e.g. manifest.php) and zip again - everything works fine.
When I create php file and make zip - doesn’t work.

Just consider the languages zip: What edits are you doing to manifest.php ?
A zip file downloaded from (the ones downloaded from any single language not the full zip at front!) should be able to upload as is and installed as a language.
If this is not working for you there must be a problem in your setup.