Zapier support - Will it ever happen?

Will SuiteCRM ever support and integrate with Zapier?

Right now it seems that nothing has done to work with other apps?

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I guess someone has to work on it. I don’t see SalesAgility finding the time to do it, they’re busy with other “more central” things.

It would be a nice project for someone from the Community.

Note that you can still use Zapier+SuiteCRM with some more generic methods. I’ve done it with Emails, but other ways are surely possible. For example: SuiteCRM can sync both ways with Google Calendar. And that can trigger Zapier.

Ok that sounds cool. I sort of given up on Google Calendar since the native way doesn’t seem to work well. I did a query for that in the past. The response wasn’t that good:

So therefore I haven’t even attempted to spend time on it.

Maybe you could share how you got Google Calendar to work through Zapier please so the community could have benefit from it including myself? :smirk:

Thanks in advance.

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I didn’t actually try it, I was just giving an idea.

What I did try was with emails (Workflow sends email when new Lead arrives, I use to extract data, and then run a Zapier action).

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Oh I see.
Thank you so much for sharing that. :heart: @pgr

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