Recently updated to 7.10.1 & yesterday to 7.10.2. Yuk! The UI colours are terrible. I’ve tried all styles and none is very good.

The old theme wasn’t great but the new styles are worse. They are hard to see issues with past due dates. Who thought that light grey was better than red for things past due and another shade of grey was better than the orange for due today? My eyes may be old but the contrast is not near enough to be workable.

Generally 7.10 is better but the theme styles are abysmal.

What I see on Github is that the changes to the UI are “suggestions” for improvement. Really? UI is important. If the users can use the UI then they will revolt and Suite will not be an option. That would be a shame.

Please, please clean this up so the contrast is better and the user can tell when things are due and over due.

I’d try to fix this myself but I have no idea where in the code these changes might be hiding.

But changing it myself would end up meaning trying to keep the customization up to date manually.