YUI Autocomplete version

wich YUI - autocomplete version is used by suitecrm 7.10.25?

Is sugarcrm version 6.1.0 I can see that this file is loaded:

In suitecrm cersion 7.10.25 the only file about yui thai is loaded is this one:

Anyone knows something about this?

The system builds from the javascript source which bundles all the javascript together and provides the sugar_grp (as well as other js) files. That is why it’s cached.

Have a look in the js_source files. The system groups together all those files to produce the sugar_grp files and stores them in cache. This is initated via triggers (installation, upgrades etc) and via the Admin Panel > Repair & Rebuild additional jobs which rebuilds JS from source.

Thank you!

In the JSGroupings.php the file include for autocomplete is the same in both version…(suitecrm and sugarcrm)
‘include/javascript/yui/build/autocomplete/autocomplete-min.js’ => ‘include/javascript/sugar_grp1_yui.js’,

I thought that suitecrm should use yui3 already, but looking at JSGroupings.php it seems it uses several versions.
Very confusing for me…

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