You have been logged out because your session has expired -caused by ISP?

Running version 7.12.6

It works fine on my computer with comcast. Another person running it in another state and is receiving this loop where they can log in and every time they click on something they get logged out and its a constant login loop. I am not the IT person but I believe it has to do with the ISP.

It works on all my browsers and it does not work on any of his. When I switched to cell phone internet(t-mobile), I was getting the same log in loop that he was getting. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I am upgrading right now to 7.12.7 so hopefully this helps. Has anyone had this problem, was it ISP related? Cache and browsing data was cleared. And it works fine on my computer.


It could be an issue of dynamic IP which constantly get changed.
Try disabling verify_client_ip from admin.
Admin>System Settings>Advanced>Validate user IP address

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