Yet Another Person with Inbound Email Problems


Hopefully someone here can help.

I’ve started my evaluation of SuiteCRM with a brand new installation on a TurnkeyLinux VM.
The initial installation was SuiteCRM version 7.2.2. I have since successfully upgraded the Suite to 7.3.1 and then to 7.4 RC1.

With each version I have experienced the same problem, which is the inability to successfully connect to my mail server for inbound user email.
At this time I have no data in the Suite and I only have one account (Admin).

I am hosting both SuiteCRM and my mail server hMailServer inside my network firewall, so all communication between servers should be on the local subnet.

As with others that have complained of this issue, I have confirmed that other applications and appliances are able to successfully authenticate with the hMailServer, over ports 25, 143 and 993.

  1. At this time, SuiteCRM seems to pass the outbound (port 25) test successfully.
  2. Initially, the Suite didn’t even seem to be connecting to my mail server as monitoring the mail server logs showed no activity from the Suite server on inbound connection attempts.
  3. Based on forum posts from others, I included the line “” in my php.ini file, and since then I am now seeing connection attempts in the mail server’s logs.
  4. The mail server Logs and the SuiteCRM email setup utility for inbound mail says “invalid user name or password”, upon attempted test connections.
  5. None of the mail errors for IMAP protocol appear in the SuiteCRM Log file (although failed SMTP attempts do).
  6. I have white listed the SuiteCRM server in the hMailServer settings, just in case, and have also added it to hMails allowed IP ranges.
  7. My attempt to connect inbound mail to gmail resulted in an automated response from Google warning that this application was insecure and that I should use Gmail instead. Attempts to connect to gmail since have simply failed silently.

I am getting repeated instances of the following 4 lines in the mail server logs, on attempted connections.

“IMAPD” 1908 15691 “2015-10-21 09:18:04.872” “192.168.6x.xx9” “SENT: * OK IMAPrev1”
“IMAPD” 1924 15691 “2015-10-21 09:18:04.872” “192.168.6x.xx9” “RECEIVED: 00000000 CAPABILITY”
“IMAPD” 1924 15691 “2015-10-21 09:18:04.872” “192.168.6x.xx9” “SENT: * CAPABILITY IMAP4 IMAP4rev1 CHILDREN IDLE QUOTA SORT ACL NAMESPACE RIGHTS=texk[nl]00000000 OK CAPABILITY completed”
“IMAPD” 1896 15691 “2015-10-21 09:18:04.888” “192.168.6x.xx9” “RECEIVED: 00000001 LOGIN ***”
“IMAPD” 1896 15691 “2015-10-21 09:18:04.904” “192.168.6x.xx9” “SENT: 00000001 NO Invalid user name or password.”
“IMAPD” 1888 15691 “2015-10-21 09:18:04.904” “192.168.6x.xx9” “RECEIVED: 00000002 LOGOUT”
“IMAPD” 1888 15691 “2015-10-21 09:18:04.904” “192.168.6x.xx9” “SENT: * BYE Have a nice day[nl]00000002 OK Logout completed”
(Note: I have masked some of the information)

Wondering if anyone has experienced this problem under a similar set of circumstances and how was it resolved?
Without functional email, this tool has limited utility for me or my users, so this is pretty important for me to resolve, if am to try and promote this to my customer base.



I’m having similar issues. Fresh install using latest version through bitnami.

outgoing mails work fine. inbound to a group mail fails.

tried with both gmail and hotmail accounts.

I’m not being a filewall so no issues - very simple setup

Looks like it’ a bug I would say

Hope it gets sorted.


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