Yaai Look also in the leads module

I have integrated SuiteCRM and asterisk using yaai . When a customer call to my phone extension, I have a php script that look the calling phone number in the CRM database and shows me the contact person that belongs to the existing customer.

But, the php script is only looking in accounts and contacts, and I need that it looks also in my leads. The module I’m using is https://github.com/AlertusTechnologiesLLC/yaai
I have tried with not success to fix id by myself, so now I’m looking for paid support.
The keyfile is yaai-master\SugarModules\modules\Asterisk\include\callinize_db.php

My SkypeID is ***************

Best regards,
Omar Rodriguez

I found someone who helped me. Thanks anyway

Hello, Omar, was looking for that functionality for some time, you could help me with that, greetings David

send me a pm message with your skype, and we can talk. Notice, I found Paid support, not free.