XML Email Parsing

Hi, is it possible to parse emails into leads using XML?

Here is an example:


Where is that data coming from? Could you do a Web-to-Person form instead? Or use the REST API?

Hi Pgr,

Thanks for responding. The data comes from 3rd automotive sites (autotrader.com, cargurus.com, etc.) via email. The XML is in the body of the email. Web-forms aren’t an option this time and there’s no API access to their systems. Do you know of a way to read that info right the email? The only open source CRM option I’ve seen that does this is vTiger (via add-on) but I’d rather stick with Suite CRM if possible. I haven’t found any add-ons that allow this for Suite CRM yet.


This doesn’t exist as a feature, but it shouldn’t be too hard to achieve if you can code some PHP…

You can get inspiration from this piece of code


From a quick scan I think that’s where SuiteCRM is scanning incoming emails to see if they are a response to a “Case”, and to link the email with that case if appropriate.

So you could do something similar to read your XML and use the Beans to put parsed data into SuiteCRM’s database.