XAMPP Installation

Hi Guy’s

Just moved my SuiteCRM installation from an external server (hosted by a third party) to a new server in-house.
The transfer was 95% sucessful other than i sometimes get the “Undefined” labels appear on certain functions.
I do understand (after reading up a bit) that this is a permissions issue.

So… a bit of background.

I am running Xampp on a windows platform.
All databases and transfered installation (SuiteCRM Core Files) has gone well (all data is correct).

My question is…
How do I (on a Xampp platform) adjust permissions so that it stops the “Undefined” labels from occuring?

Many Thanks in advance,

In Windows, Permission does not needs to be provide. It needs to worry when you are at Linux.

Try to “Quick rebuild and repair” , it should solve your issue or it may be few files are missing while copying.

Hi Ashish,
Many thanks for your help.

Unfortunately I have already done a “Quick Repair and Rebuild” to no avail.

Have tried a few repairs and Diagnostics but still have the “Undefined” label showing.

Any further pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Check this file if exists or not.


Just to add a bit more precision: Windows permissions are important, same as in Linux, the difference is that Windows default permissions are generally permissive, whereas in Linux they are more restrictive by default.

However, on Windows Servers, for example, or depending on how your AMP stack installs itself, you might need to fix permissions. This should be as simple as:

  1. Determining which user name your web server executable is using to run.
  2. Adding permissions for that user through Windows UI (folder properties in Explorer). You need to get this right (subfolders, inheritance, etc.).

But you can start with a simpler step which is to clear “cache/themes” directory, and running a few more Repairs from Admin / Repairs. Include anything Javascript-related.

I would suggest, Check your .htaccess file,

RewriteBase should have correct directory path if you are using subdirectory.

RewriteBase /mycrmapp/crm

For undefined labels:

  1. Please check the site_url parameter in your suitecrm
  2. Check htaccess,RewriteBase should have correct directory path.
  3. Please rebuild .htaccess file , and repair & rebuild after you are sure that site_url & rewrite base is correct
  4. Please check with browser cache clear if even not working after all these steps.
    This is not related to any permissions issues as its windows not ubuntu.

Hi Guy’s,

Half way there…
I amended the htaccess and all was correct (labels were now correct).
Did a quick repair - all was ok.
Did a rebuild htaccess and system collapsed (errors and a white screen)??? - Any Ideas?

Put the old htaccess file back from a backup and currently managing to work but with labels stating “Undefined” again.

Seems so close yet so far …

Any advice greatly appreciated.

I believe you don’t need to rebuild access. Just correct the path as said earlier, and if you have a white screen then after, check error log and suitecrm.log to find actual issue.