WYSIWYG custome field in Quote Module


I am using SuiteCrm 7.1.4 version.

In Quote Module, I have one WYSIWYG custom field (by Urdhva Tech) => field: $aos_quotes_price_list_c
In PDF template module, I create one quote template and insert this field to the template => the save it

From Quote Module, I print as pdf one quote record and using the above pdf template, BUT in the pdf quote only show the html code as per attached file.

Pls help me to solve it

Thank you very much

Hi All,

Anyone can help me for the above issue.



I have the same issue, but there’s no solution to it anywhere, as far as i have looked up it will require some several modifications to AOS_PDF_Templates module :frowning:

This sounds like some code modifications will need to be made to handle this. It sounds like the field type is not supported by default for the PDF templates module.

Depending on the field type and what the field does would depend what is required for PDF templates for it to work