Wrong Email Template Insert Variable

Versión 7.9.17
Sugar Versión 6.5.25 (Compilación 344)

I made a mail template and insert variables for the body, one works which is the one for $ account_name but also included those for $ contact_user_first_name $ contact_user_last_name
$ contact_user_email1 but these are not being inserted, when the mail arrives the only variable that is substituted is the one of $ account_name the others remain the same.
I am sending the email from the accounts module.

Is there some other way to include them, or some file that has to be displayed so that they can be inserted and viewed correctly.

Hey there,

Have you found a good way around this, by chance?

I’ve had a quick look and I think it might just be a limitation of the Email Compose functionality, I’m afraid

The Email Template Variables will populate differently, depending on the functionality used.
(ie, Cases/Campaigns/Regular Compose actions)

However, I don’t think the Compose action is able to pull values from fields that are multiple modules deep.

ie, If you are Sending an Email Related to an Account, It cannot pull values from the User table.
(Such as firstname/surname)

However, you should be able to use:

As these are Account Fields

Unless any other users have found differently?
(Please let me know!)