Would a topic-based Wiki area help?

There is an existing Wiki with some great content.

But there are often times when people want to search for a specific feature or application: but the Wiki does not help there: the forums do, but sometimes there are 5 forum threads struggling with an issue and deep in their 1 message with the solution.

It is a problem for all projects with an active community forum: the old stuff over time becomes a bigger % of the total, and the forum value is less good to first-time or occassional users: which encourages the same questions to be asked again every 3 months, which also doesn;t make the forum nore usueful as a resource!

There’s ultimately no 100% solution.

But maybe this is worth considering: if solutions could be made easier to find: e.g. via a Wiki that allowed topic-based structure.

That way, forum users could be directed to read specific wiki ;pages on that issue: and as the forum uncovers new things, the wiki pages can be updated to ensure the latest facts are there.

Recent Examples that would benefit: from topic-based wiki

a) iCal integration outwards: many threads, discussions of a new bug in SugarcRM 6.5.16 that carried across to SuiteCRM: one message buried deep says that Suite CRM version 7.1 fixed it…

b) nginx recipes

c) ‘Help I can’t get access’ emergency’ checklist"- eg 'URGENT! Can’t Access Administration Panel At All ’

d) email/ SMTP things - - or choose your own things you’ve struggled in Forum with!