Worst app I've used

I’ve been in web dev just about since web dev was a thing.

I’ve used and consulted on dozens of apps.

I just had to post about how poorly developed this app is.

For example, good luck customizing this piece of junk.

Adding your own logo, etc. is a nightmare.

The caching system is a nightmare.

Doing anything to this app is a nightmare.

THANK GOD we didn’t offer this to a client. We would have been laughed at.

Please delete this app from the Internet.


Responsible Developers

UPDATE: We switched to Odoo CRM.

If you are suffering through the nightmare known as SuiteCRM, do yourself
a favor and switch to Odoo CRM.

We have been working with SuiteCRM for many years and it is an excellent application. It is easily molded. Apparently the problem is due to lack of skills as a developer.

Personally, we are a small company and have been working on suitecrm since 2019 . We started with Zohocrm but the idea of being dependent on a company that held our information did not seem to us a good strategy for the future. We tried a lot of CRM before testing Suitecrm and it proved to be reliable, fully customizable with a top community! We now own our data and have really been able to adapt our CRM suite to the particularities of our business and our working methods . And the rest is yet to come. The limit with suitecrm is only the limit we give ourselves!! When you don’t know how to use a tool, it is easy to say that it is bad rather than admit the limit of its skills!!

@webcoreinc your experience of finding it to be “a nightmare” using things that thousands of people use without problems is consistent with a misconfigured server, ownerships/permissions problems. This is by far the most common problem people face when installing SuiteCRM, but it’s also not too difficult to solve.

I agree. After years of using suitecrm, we also switched to odoo.
Simply everything is working there, and interface more friendly by far, query are easy and intuitive.
Data are kept on premise, it is fast, and has lots of modules apart from CRM.

Just try Odoo before replying. Only people who tried both CRM can understand, religious positions in favour of one or another are not good.