Initially I want to congratulate the Salesagility by SuiteCRM because I believe this differentiated and relevant project that has enabled many companies to the beginning of most demanding CRM projects hitherto almost impossible, especially those small businesses.

I am unable to set up a condition of a workflow with difference of 8 hours between Creation Date and Modification Date of a Case.

I’ve tried various ways of setting this condition, but all without success.

Is there any tutorial, manual or video about configuring workflows in SuíteCRM? Can you help me?

Thank you very much!

Hi Alex,

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On your workflow question, you would run a workflow with a condition: Date Created is less than or equal to now - 8 hours.

This will then trigger 8 hours after your record is created.



Thanks for your last answer.

Now, I have a problem with one action on Workflows: I need to automatically populate a date field in the act of creating a new case, where the expected date will be equal to four hours after the creation date of the case.

I have already registered my testimonial as you asked for, and I am available to help with a lot of suggestions for improvements to SuíteCRM, including to assist you with the translation of documentation into Portuguese/BR.