Workflows not working

Hello every one.

I want to create a workflow that automatically sends quote follow-up emails after 3 days.

I’m trying to configure my workflows but I’m having a lot of difficulties.
I have already created the cron job on hostinger wiht that command:

/usr/bin/php /home/u367468377/domains/ > /dev/null 2>&1


In the field task url , what url should I use for the task?

and i think it is working right.

I think it is working correctly, however in Suite CRM it does not process the task.

Can someone give me the step by step process?

Thanks a lot to everyone

Check all your other scheduled jobs, are any of them running?

Go to admin, scheduler, and click on the other jobs, and view the job log. This should detail if each one has successfully run and when.

If they are running but your workflow is not, further troubleshooting is necessary. If none are running, the answer is your cron job is not running.

First off all, thanks a lot for you answer.

Yes, they are runing:

How can i fix it?

Sorry i´m not one expert and thanks for your help.

Looks like it’s stuck. It should only run for like a minute then complete.

So now you have two problems I think. One, you have to “unstuck” the job.

If a workflow is stuck running go to database in “job queue” and delete the “queued” job that’s “running”

Second, you have to figure out what is causing the job to fail.

could be: 1) not enough memory, check your PHP errors and SuiteCRM error log
2) Could be how you configured the workflow causing an error.

SELECT * FROM job_queue ORDER BY date_entered DESC LIMIT 5

We can check on specific jobs:

SELECT * FROM job_queue WHERE target = 'class::BeanEmailJob'

Hello Stevens.
I already try all, but i´m not one expert and nothing results yet.
My email is
If you can contact me i cand send you credentials.

Thanks a lot for all Stevens