workflows for PO's

I would like to set up a workflow to deal with PO’s

What is the best way to go about this?

This is the steps as I see them.

  1. send out an email with a pdf attached.
  2. user who gets the email will click the link to update the CRM that the pdf was received.
  3. 2 days later an auto email will get sent to the user asking for the estimated ship date. The user replies with the date and it goes to the record in the CRM.
  4. when the estimated date comes and passes send an email asking what happen.

Thanks in advance

Hi, welcome to the Forums.

I advise trying to set up those steps one by one, and asking for specific help when you get stuck. The reason I say this is that it would take far too long for anyone to start explaining this to you, and each company’s flow is different from the other. Anyway Workflows always demand a bit of trial and error, even experts don’t get it right at first sometimes.


Got it.

I have started the process by changing the meeting module to PO’s.

I have the automatic email going out to the vendor as a meeting invite but how do I add the pdf to the email going out. I have edit the /include/language/en_us.notify_template.html file to work for what im trying to do. But know I need to remove the meeting.ics file at the bottom and replace it with the pdf file in the suitecrm meetings upload.



{ASSIGNER} has sent you a PO





Accept this PO.


Using the meetings module for this doesn’t sound right to me :huh:

Sending the email with a PDF is clearly a good thing to use the Email Templates module, and a Campaign to go with it.

OK, then how do get them to click on a link to say they received the email and PDF.


You could try AOP - Advanced Open Portal. It looks like exactly what you need:

This module allows contacts held within SuiteCRM to:

  • Retrieve emails regarding updates to your Cases
  • Create Cases by emailing a defined support address
  • Update Cases by replying to Case emails

At least, you can look at AOP code and use as a start for your custom code.

Apart from mtierno’s suggestion, which is very good, I suggest having a look at “tracker URL’s” which are a simple way to include a link in an Email, that you can later track who clicked it.