Workflows: Empty drowndown list when trying to set the 'Parent Type' of a 'Flex Relate' field

I am trying to set the ‘parent name’ and ‘LBL_PARENT_ID’ values of a flex relate field, using workflow actions.

The ‘LBL_PARENT_ID’ can be set easily, but i can’t figure how to set the value of the ‘parent name’.

If I add the ‘parent name’ field under the actions section and then select ‘value’, the dropdown box that appears is not populated with any data. It should have the same list of modules that appear in the edit view of the record.

How can I set the value of a custom flex relate field using the workflow module?

Many thanks

Hi Bungle,

Which module are you using the flex relate on?



Hi Will,

It’s a custom module.


Sorry Will, that wasn’t clear.

The flex relate field i’m trying to set belongs to a custom module, the workflow module is the standard ‘meetings’ module.

I cant find where the ‘parent’ drop-down code is located?

After some more testing, I noticed the ‘parent type’ for a stock module can be set in the workflow without any problems. So, I tried to create a custom ‘flex relate’ field on a stock module, but its missing from the field type dropdown in studio?

I installed a fresh instance of suitecrm, and again the flex relate field type is missing in studio, cof custom and stock modules.

I think this is at the root of my problem. has flex relate been removed?