Workflows aren't working

Hi, everyone!
I tried to create a simple workflow (only on save,active , all records), but it is not working (update the field after the other was changed). I don’t have any idea what can be the reason…


Does this help?

That article is centered on the “how it’s triggered” factor

I don’t sure about this point - Admin / Schedulers / Run AOW Workflows job. I only see

Is it the same ?

Yes, that’s it.

I need to fix the article, I wrote the internal name of the job, I should have used the label that is displayed to the users on screen.

Thank you for very useful article, but I don’t find solution for my situation - I have such conditions:

but workflow is not working and process audit is empty
I check scheduler

and …maybe,I missed something ?

Have you set up your cronjobs? It says “last ran successfully: never” which tells me that the problem is right there.

Instructions specific to your system are available in Admin /Schedulers, at the bottom.

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thank you. It helped (but only after Rebuild Schedulers)