i have set the below workflow but it does not work

Any ideas about what could be wrong?

Thanks in advance

Diagnose by parts:

  • are your Scheduler running well (Admin / Schedulers / Workflow job)

  • is this specific Workflow triggered? Show us the top part of your workflow, please. And try with a simpler condition that doesn’t involve a time condition.

  • Is this condition triggered ok, but is your action failing? Try a simpler action that doesn’t involve email

Can you explain in simple words what you want to achieve?

Below some thoughts/potential reasons (but I have nit tested them)

. Since the workflow should be executed upon save, maybe your workflow could never trigger because the date in which you modify it will always be after two minutes before the modification itself! (now - 2 minutes) (but, on the moment it is modified, the date is now, therefore after 2 minutes ago!).

. Unless you set it to repeated runs (but it will fire for ever!) it won’t work, I believe.

. Another potential issue: is date modified a date-time field or just date?

-Yes , there is no problem with my Scheduler

  • the top part of the workflow - if i remove the time condition and put another condtion my action with the email it works properly.

-As i can understand the problem is occured by the time condition

-What i want to achieve is to create a reminder to those users that have been assigned opportunities
So every time the opportunity is been modified the person who is responsible to be notified by an email
with this way i want from the users to follow up their opportunities until they close them

-i also tried it with the +2 minutes but again no result

-i do not set it in repeated runs due to this reason you said

Try it with “repeated runs”, at least we’ll find out if that’s what is blocking it. If we get a problem later with too many executions, we will deal with that later.

Also it does not work and without again the time limit that i put