I’m trying to use WorkFlow to update a custom date field in the Accounts module each time a Held Call is logged/modified. I’m calling the custom date field Last Action Date.

It seems to work if I use the following settings:
Workflow: Calls
Run On: Modified records
Condition: Call Status = Held
Action: Modify Record
Record Type: Accounts
Last Action Date: Date: Now

However, it doesn’t work if I use Last Action Date: Field: Date Modified.

I’m also trying to do something similar for Planned Calls with a custom field called Next Action. In this case I think I should use Next Action Date: Field: Start Date. However, this doesn’t work either. What am I missing?

Are you utilising the equal to operand? Is the custom date field ever equal to the date modified/start date?

Another thing to maybe look at is if one date is defined as a Date Type and the other a Date/Time?

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Hi Dale,

Changing my custom fields from Date fields to Date/Time fields seems to have resolved the issue. Thanks!

Hi Will,

I don’t see an equal to operand as an option. Maybe I’m not understanding your question. However, my goal was to set the Last Action Date field equal to the date the last Held call was modified as well as to set the Next Action Date field equal to the Start Date of the next Planned Call. Dales’ suggestion seems to have worked.

Thanks guys!


Hi Will,

You must be referring to the equals operand in the Conditions setting. So yes, I am using the equals operand.