Workflow Wildcard?

I’m migrating from a CRM that used a tagging system. I’ve broughts those tags over to SuiteCRM in a custom field called “Tags”.

The problem? I want to run a workflow based off those tags. The only option in the workflow for a text field is “Equal To” or “Not Equal To”. There’s no “Contains”.

Is there any way to include a wild card in the value field (like * or %) so that it matches true for any field that contains the string?

Not familiar with the wildcards, but if you use a dropdown field type you can select multiple of fields.

That’s not what I need.

Here’s an example of what I have

TAG FIELD: “#tag1, #tag2, #tag3

I may also have

TAG FIELD: “#tag1, #tag3

The tag field is a standard text field.

I need to be able to set up a workflow that says “If the field CONTAINS #tag3, do this set of actions”.

Do a search on workflow and you’ll see SuiteCRM doesn’t have this feature yet.

However, sounds like you are looking for multiple values inside one field and tie it to workflow, which can be done.
Text field isn’t the optimal solution for a tag system since you are at the mercy of the consistency of the administrator and for SuiteCRM can’ t do the like search to kick off a workflow.

Couple of solutions I have seen.
Multiselect (is a dropdown) that I was referring to is one of the best options since it allows you do do exactly what you have mentioned and ensures consistency from the administrator. Only issues is administrator must define the tags at the beginning and not the easiest for editing. User must know to hit Control when selecting multiple. In the past I have seen code to convert this to a multi-select checkbox, but can’t find it offhand. This would be perfect for tag system as long as the list wasn’t to big.

Another solution is from urdhva-tech They have a dynamic dropdown module that allows a user to add a new dropdown if needed so it can be reused later. I haven’t used it enough and not sure it is multi-select through the workflow.

Also a tag management system available.

I believe all of these options would allow you to have the workflow kick off depending if the field was one of your selections…
ie… value of #tag3 as one of the options would kick off the workflow.

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

My goal is to actually move away from the “tag” system altogether. It’s good in theory, but it’s messy and doesn’t scale well. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in the Studio to find ways of representing those “tags” in a different way. All new data won’t need tagging.

My concern is dealing with the legacy data I’m bringing over. So… If I had someone tagged as “#client”, I’d like to run a workfolow that sets the appropriate value in a dropdown I’ve defined.

The alternative is to do this massaging through the API, but I was trying to avoid writing any more code than I already have.

Regardless, thanks for your help. It really was beneficial! :slight_smile:

If you are just looking to mass update a new field based off the contents of your old tag, why not just do this via SQL? Easy enough to write a quick update statement based on a wild card. I have updated the database directly via phpMySQL is it works great, just be aware of the relationship between the module records and custom fields that will be in a separate table.

If you are not familiar with this, I am sure if you gave specifics of the field names, module, etc you could get some help in crafting the correct SQL statement.