WorkFlow : When a lead is created, trigger an email after 4 hours

I have setup an worklow for triggering an email after 4 hours, when a lead is created. Somehow is not working as expected. Attached the given conditions,

Please let me know what i’m missing…



If you use:

Leads > Date Created > Less than or Equal to > Date > Now - 4 Hours

It should work. Keep in mind however, for the first time it runs, it may fire on all Leads that have been created over 4 hours ago.
After that, if you have schedulers set up, it should work as expected.

Thanks John. I have used the same , but still its not triggering an email. Email settings are also fine, as I have set a condition to trigger email while creating a lead.

Please check the attached. For checking purpose I have used 2 minutes

Every how many minutes do your cronjobs run?

That may be the issue in this case: you may have to wait for the cronjob to run

Process Workflow AOW tasks - run every 1 mins (interval - as often as possible)


When was the last Successful run for the “Process Workflow Tasks” scheduler?
Are there any items in the “Job Log” for the scheduler?

Also, If you go to your Workflow and view its “Process Audit” panel, are there any processes in there? If there are, are there any that have Failed?

Sadly, No job logs there

Since there is no “Last successful Run” or any Job Logs, it seems your Scheduled Tasks aren’t set up at all.
You can find a line at the bottom of the “Schedulers” Page with the words “To set up Crontab” above it.
Insert the line into your crontab file to allow scheduled tasks to run.

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Yes right!. Thanks John