Workflow triggers unexpectedly

Hi there!

I have a workflow that triggers whenever the X field has value Y,

However, this happens:

  1. Field X has value Y.
  2. I change field Z, without changing the X field.
  3. Workflow triggers because field X has value Y,

Isn’t this a bug? I would expect the workflow to trigger only when field X is changed.


PS: I am on SuiteCRM v7.11.8.

That would depend on how exactly your workflow is set up.

There is a way to add a condition that says

“whenever field X changes”

That’s the one you need. you can find it by doing conditions / module / Field X / Equal to / Any change

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Thank you very much pgr!
I added a second condition with type “Any change” and it worked fine… it was quite simple actually, sorry for bothering you :stuck_out_tongue:

I got confused because with “Operator” set to “Equal to” I thought I had to specify a value, so I didn’t really check the “Type” dropdown… my bad!

Thank you again,

PS: For those interested, here’s a screenshot of the working configuration