Workflow - Trigger email X Days before date

I’m working on something I thought was fairly simple but is turning out to not be. I have a custom module. I need an email to trigger X days before a date field in the module. 90 Days, 60 Days, 30 Days, 5 Days and 1 day after said date field. The date field is its own workflow to ensure that date is always “today”. I built a workflow for each of “days before”. Below you will find the conditions I created for each wf:

Run = Always
Run on = All Records

“Status” = “Current”
“Renewal Date” = to “today’s date” + 90 Days

Action = Send email.

I can only get it to run when the workflow is set to repeated runs however, it just continues to send emails all day. I don’t want that. What am I missing?? Thanks!


Would you be able to post a screenshot of the Workflow conditions you’re having issue with?
It sounds like your Conditions should work, but it may shed light on something easily missed

On the records that the workflow is firing on, are any of the relevant Date fields empty?
If the workflow is firing on those empty fields, you may want to add a condition to the Workflow to ensure that the Date field is not empty.

In regards to the “Repeated Runs”:
Normally, a Workflow will only fire on a record once, and then skip over that record whenever the Workflow runs again.
However, “Repeated runs” allows the Workflow to run on a Record more than once.

If emails are being sent continously with “Repeated Runs” checked, might it be that the Workflow has actually worked successfully on the records in question, but as it has fired once before, it won’t run again without “Repeated runs” checked?

Thanks a ton John. Below is the screenshot. I also added the calculated workflow for the field so it is always “today”. There are no relevant date fields that are empty. There are only a handful of fields in total on this module. The purpose is related to a contract that has a renewal date. I need to send out auto alerts as the renewal date approaches. Hence the 90, 60, 30 etc. I have each of them fire, but as you stated, they fired only once. I changed the contract renewal date to keep testing but it will trigger sometimes and not others. Thanks again for your help!!!


Thanks for the screenshots, those workflows look as though they should be fine…
So, when the emails sent out the first time, did they send at the correct interval?
(ie 30/60/90 days before Renewal Date?)

If so, you might be able to get around the issue of “Repeated Runs” constantly sending out emails by adding a new field, ie: a Checkbox named “Renewal Email Sent”

You could then add the following condition line to each 30/60/90/etc Day Workflow:
“Renewal Email Sent” “Equal to” “[Unchecked]”

Then, set the “Renewal Email Sent” checkbox to [Checked] in the “Actions” of the Workflows

Then, create a new workflow to set “Renewal Email Sent” back to [Unchecked] when it is 30/60/90 days before the Renewal date

(Hopefully the above makes sense)

Is that something that would help?