Workflow to trigger an email to Line Item Product Contact

I’d like to automate supplier ordering by triggering an email upon saving an Invoice.

In my mind I see the flow look something like this:

Account contact orders Product(s)
Save an Invoice against an Account
Send an Email Template to the Contact(s) of the Product(s) listed in the Line Item(s)

Is that possible using Workflow?

I don’t think so. Email templates run in the context of a single module; then, with luck, you can access a few fields from a related module, though this doesn’t always work correctly. but what you’re asking involves traversing more modules and I don’t think you will be able to achieve it.

You can do it with some custom code if you’re a developer; or with an add-on such as my PowerReplacer.

same problem ,how do you deal it?

This would be possible with Custom Code.

Upon invoice save, create a Logic Hook to pull all line items and their suppliers(contacts) email address, then send individual emails with your quantity etc.