Workflow to notify user of calls

In our installation of suiteCRM, we have basic notifications turned off because we chose to use workflows for more detailed email notifications for Leads and Notes

This works great except for Calls. People want to get an email an hour before the call is scheduled.

I have tried various combinations in the workflow but I do not get any email, the Leads and Notes emails work perfectly fine so I know they are at least being ran in general.

I have it as follows

Calls ->Start Date -> Greater Than or Equal To -> Date -> Now +1 Minute

My intent with this was to get an email immediately just to see if its working. Am I confusing what “Start Date” and “Now” refer to? I was assuming since the start of the call was after right now, i would get an immediate email.

What should I have it set up to be such that the person assigned to the call, gets an email an hour before the start of said call.


I wouldn’t use “now + 1 minute” for your tests, because the cron jobs only run (at most) once a minute, so there is room there for some confusion.

But your approach could be entirely different. Why not use the built-in reminders on the Call record? Make sure you are using the full form, from the calls module, to set the reminders.

Also note that you can customize the automatic notifications by creating a copy of include/language/en_us.notify_template.html in custom directory. And if you need something more elaborate there are ways to customize the PHP that is building those emails.

Thanks for the reply.

The reason we aren’t using the default Call reminders is because we didn’t want any default Leads/Notes notifications, and opted to use Workflows so that the notification can be more specific/tailored to our needs. But as a result it disabled all default notifications, so maybe I should look into disabling all but the Call default notification(not entirely sure how to do that)