Workflow to authorize the addition of new lines in a module


I would like to create a workflow so that each line created or modified by certain users, in a custom module, is subject to validation by the administrators.

The idea is that each new line or modified line is “pending validation” and it is once the modification or creation is validated by one of the admins that the creation/modification becomes apparent in the table.

Is it possible to set up a workflow for this ?

Hi Hugo,

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What lines are you referring to? ARe you talking of the list view of created records of your custom module?

Please provide more information so we can help you better.




Yes, that’s exactly what I’m talking about.

I would like that each time a user wants to add/modify a line on the list view of a custom module, an administrator is notified and can validate or not the change requested by the user.

A different approach would be to use work lists based on security groups.

Basically this means you model your processes by changing the assigned to user of the record, as it goes through the stages. You can either make this change manually (tell your users to assign to someone when finished processing) or with a bit of automation (hooks or workflows).

Then each worker keeps an eye on his work list (typically a “My Items” dashlet on the home page) and does his/her part.