Workflow Time-Based Conditions based on UTC Timezone. How do we change it?

I created a workflow that looks for items whose date is <= now + 14 days. This works great, but the result for “now” is based on UTC not my timezone (central). How can I change this?

thanks in advance,

What are the system and your personal time zones set to?

Server Time: UTC
My Timezone in User Preferences: America/Chicago (GMT- 6:00)
Error Log Time in Sugar/SuiteCRM: (GMT-8:00) <-- I have no idea why this is…

And what started this thread… AOW seems to be triggering off of UTC.


Hello Sieberta:

I faced the same issue last week here in Brazil, checked php.ini and server time, so I decided to search the string “UTC” on AOW module.

I found the following on …/AOW_WorkFlow/AOW_WorkFlow.php:

line 276
case ‘Date’:
$params = unserialize(base64_decode($condition->value));
if($params[0] == ‘now’){
if($sugar_config[‘dbconfig’][‘db_type’] == ‘mssql’){
$value = ‘GetUTCDate()’;
} else {
$value = ‘UTC_TIMESTAMP()’;

Since the DB in my case is mysql I changed function “UTC_TIMESTAMP()”; to funcion “NOW()”, what fixed the issue.

Hope this help!!!


CBR Consultoria