Workflow Task Details

I have configured a workflow such that when a Meeting changes status, a Task is created for a specific user to review that Meeting. Right now, the task received by the user is very non-specific; so I would like to embed into the “You’ve been assigned a task” notification the user receives some kind of identifying information - for example, the name of the meeting in the Subject or Body of the email.

Any suggestions for how to do this?

Hey there!

Are you still looking for a solution for this?

Sorry, I’m not 100% sure which notification email you are referring to

Is this the default Assignment Email received?

If so, you can modify it by editing the file at:
include/language/[language pack].notify_template.html

(Or, to make it upgrade safe, create a copy in the /custom/ directory, and make changes there)

Or is this a change to an existing custom Email Template, in the Email Templates module?

You can’t really change up the default task notification without changing the code. It’ s easier to just both create a task AND send an email a the same time. Although you might run into issues where the task is not yet created by the workflow and the email sent does not contain the task data. If so, you can do 2 workflows. One to create the task, with a custom field like “task type” = ABC and then a second workflow when task type ABC is created send an email to the assigned user. Create your own email template that has all the task data in it.