WorkFlow stuck


I’m an ex vtiger user…and I making my a new project in SuiteCRM.
This the action I’ve do:

  • I’ve create a login hook to render the Cases page with a custom function.

Now, the AOW stuck on every run.
I get this error:
[ERROR] Unable to load custom logic file: include/SugarSearchEngine/SugarSearchEngineQueueManager.php

I’ve try to solve coment the code in /custom/Extension/application/Ext/LogicHooks/SugarFTSHooks.php
The stuck persist, and this is the new the sugarcrm.log file:

Thu Dec 12 16:02:39 2013 [4049][1][DEPRECATED] Formatting correction: SchedulersJobs->failure_count had formatting automatically corrected. This will be removed in the future, please upgrade your external code
Thu Dec 12 16:02:39 2013 [4049][1][DEPRECATED] SugarBean.php: preprocess_fields_on_save() is deprecated
Thu Dec 12 16:02:39 2013 [4049][1][INFO] Query:UPDATE job_queue
					SET assigned_user_id='1',name='Run AOW WorkFlow',date_modified='2013-12-12 21:02:39',scheduler_id='ece3a0e3-72b9-4d34-acc6-52974b18c190',execute_time='2013-12-12 21:02:00',status='done',resolution='failure',message='Cannot call function: processAOW_Workflow\n',target='function::processAOW_Workflow',data=NULL,requeue=0,retry_count=NULL,failure_count=1,job_delay=0,client='CRON1889062735e246e646c870c004d1d3aa:4049',percent_complete=NULL
					 WHERE = 'a8caa379-04c2-d58a-09d5-52aa240a6cc5' AND deleted=0
Thu Dec 12 16:02:39 2013 [4049][1][INFO] Query Execution Time:0.0074849128723145
Thu Dec 12 16:02:39 2013 [4049][1][INFO] Query:SELECT lhs_module, rhs_module FROM relationships WHERE deleted=0 AND (lhs_module = 'SecurityGroups' OR rhs_module='SecurityGroups')
Thu Dec 12 16:02:39 2013 [4049][1][INFO] Query Execution Time:9.3936920166016E-5
Thu Dec 12 16:02:39 2013 [4049][1][FATAL] Job a8caa379-04c2-d58a-09d5-52aa240a6cc5 (Run AOW WorkFlow) failed in CRON run

Any suggest?

what are you trying to do in the workflow that is failing, can you post a screenshot of the editview of the workflow?

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the reply, here the setting:

The issue was generated by a custom module (coming from Sugar CE 6.5) and the missing of CURL module in PHP.
Removed the custom module, and CURL installed, the workflow is back! Solved.
Thx for the fast reply!