Workflow starting on field modification

Hi all!
It would be usefull to be able to trigger a workflow on the modification of a particular field.
Something like:
IF old value of sales stage is X
AND new value of sales stage is Y
THEN send an email

Something like this would also be interesting:
IF sales stage changed
THEN send an email

Is it planned anything similar?

Hi Luca,

If you go to the documentation tab and view our Roadmap you can see all planned features for future SuiteCRM versions. Field triggers are planned but is being pushed out to the community to develop.



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Many thanks for the quick reply.
I didn’t see it.
I’m not a developer but I’m interested in this kind of feature. I also know other community workflow modules do something similar, if it can help anyone to be inspired. Just have a quick search on Sugarforge.

i would like to see how work flows work