Workflow sending email to support email address on case closed

I tried to find a solution for this in the forum but could not see the right clue:
I’d like to send an email to an internal administrative account as soon as a case is closed. The AOP standard “case closed” Emails send to the customer contact, so this does not help me - or is there a way to redifine the To: address for these?

Case assignment mails work, so I suppose the email system is working fine.

I tried to setup a workflow with WorkFlow Module “Case Updates”, Run on “All Records” with the condition:
Module: “Cases: Case”, Field: “State”, Operator: “Equal To”, Type: “Value”, Value: “Closed”

The defined action “Send Email” uses a CaseClosure Template, I put in the administrative email address as an To: Email.
(What does the checkbox “Send Individual Emails” mean, by the way?)

The cronjob for AOPWorkflow shows to be run every minute, but I do not see any Email when I close a case.

Is there any better way to do this? How can I debug the Action?
I hope someone can help me.

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I think you’re on the right track with the Workflow you’ve set up.

Although, rather than Workflow Module: “Case Updates”, I would recommend using “Cases”

Then, using a fairly similar condition to what you already have, i’d recommend the following condition line:
Module: “Cases”, Field: “State”, Operator: “Equal To”, Type: “Value”, Value: “Closed”

Then, the workflow should hopefully fire when a case is set to Closed.

Please let us know if this doesn’t help resolve the issue!

The “Send Individual Emails” checkbox is only really useful if you are sending to more than one recipient via the Workflow.
It splits up the Email sent into separate Emails for each recipient.

So, if it is NOT checked, then the Email will be sent to all of your recipients at the same time.
(As if they were all within the same “TO:” )

However, if it IS checked, each Recipient will receive a separate Email.
(As if each Recipient was a separate “TO:” )

Hopefully that clarifies the checkbox!

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Thank you John,

for this fast help, works perfectly!

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