Workflow - Send email when new contact is created

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on creating a workflow that should send an email to all newly added contacts. I have attached a screenshot of my progress so far. However, I have encountered an issue where, upon checking the email queue, it appears that no emails have been sent. Additionally, I have reviewed the process audit, but I cannot find any records of emails being sent from there either.

Could anyone kindly assist me in identifying the problem here? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @ Giuli

Is your problem solved - I guess so as you have not asked for further help.

IF solved - tell us here, so future readers can see it
ELSE - tell us what else you have tried to fix it. And if you have other workflows running or is this the only one you have written.

Helpful Workflow debugging Advice for anyone who reads this thread

A) At the bottom of the Workflow page, it gives a list of date/time that the Workflow ran. If this is blank: then your CONDITION details are wrong: nothing ever matches them! So change your Condition details until an entry shows up. (refresh the workflow page to see the latest list, every time.)

B) test your Workflow in two stages:
i) does it run - and does it change anything
ii) does it send an email

So for (i) - modify the ACTIONS to be as simple as possible: eg have only one action: type ‘modify record’; and set it to add some text to any text field that is usually blank. (so you do not lose data when the Workflow over-writes that field).

Once that is proven: you can move to (ii)

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@Giulio sorry for the late response but just seeing this now LOL. Your workflow will never run. There will never ever be leads created greater than “Today”. If you put an actual date in there, like today’s actual date it will run starting tomorrow. Or you could say equal to today, that would run immediately for leads created today, an then run again tomorrow, etc.

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