Workflow Send email using Email Template Still Sending Wrong Date Format

I have seen on the forum and this issue has been lurking around since 2018. Date Field set in email template and when Email is sent it is in YYYY-MM-DD. Although user Preference and System local is set to d/m/Y, the emails sent via workflow have the default DB format. checked system timezone for php and its set to London, which has date format as ‘d/m/Y’ so that should not be a problem too.

There is a PR for date format fix but it hasn’t been updated to merge into core for fixing the issue.

I have the same problem in v. 7.13.0

As a temporary solution I do this Workflow through the scheduler or planner and the date and time in the email it sends works correctly.

If, however, the workflow is activated when saving, the date and time is the one set in the database and UTC format.