Workflow : Send Email to 'Record Mail' does not work


Created a workflow with action as ‘Send Email’ to ‘Record Email’ for new Contacts

I am guessing this should send notification to the ‘primary email’ of the contact

But this does not work .

Anything else I need to check?

Ensure the contact has a valid email address.

Did the workflow fail?

Do you have any errors in your sugarcrm.log?

No errors in log but strangely it started working today! I am noticing that the workflows seem to work only after some time after creation.

Is there any time period before which new workflows get triggered or is it instantaneous? I created a workflow with status active and running on ‘new records’. Don’t see it working yet similar to what i saw yday. Nothing in the logs too. Am guessing this is going to work after sometime.

It worked now. Do we need to do a repair & rebuild everytime a new workflow is created?