Workflow Run "Only On Save" Doesn't Work

I created a simple workflow (will send an email). It works if I set RUN -ALWAYS, but not working if I set RUN-ONLY ON SAVE (with new and old records).What could be the reason?

can you post some screenshots of your workflow (including the conditions)? Further, are you able to send mails at all (did you setup the outgoing smtp credentials & got a test mail working)?

The difference between those two situations is that “always” runs from cron, in the context of the system user, with the system outbound email account, and the other one, “on save”, runs from the context of the logged on user, with different outbound email settings.


I added other condition for checking “only on save”, for example -

…And I see that even in this case the field doesn’t change,but if i change workflow on this:image all work as expected

Hi everyone, I have the same problem: workflow with Run setting ‘Always’ works, but with ‘Only On Save’ doesn’t. I have Calculate Fields action, without sending any email.

Any idea on which settings have to be additionally adjusted?

I have tested with following settings and its working fine.
php version 7.4.2
CRM Version 7.11.10

Workflow settings

I can see the workflow firing for an existing record that i modified. Do you have any other workflows running on the system?

It is our first workflow ( Suite Version 7.11.15 php - 7.1.33
All workflow with run setting 'Always; work as expected (but i have changed crontab file:
cd /suitecrm; php -f cron.php > /dev/null 2>&1 at the first).