Workflow Run "Only On Save" Doesn't Work... PLEASE HELP.

I’ve been trying to configure a workflow to auto execute the creation of a task for my accounts. The workflow works ONLY when I initially created it and set “Run” on “Always” or when I change settings to Run on “Always” and check the “Repeated Runs” box, which of course spams the Workflow execution and creates more tasks than necessary.

Why is this the case? Do admin settings need to be adjusted? HELP plz!!!

Workflow settings:

you condition is only checks if that account is assigned to X user, each time the record is saved or in the cron that condition is met, and will trigger the workflow. What exactly is that you want to achieve?

If you just want to create a task each time an account is assigned to someone, you should add the condition “any change” to the assigned to field, so the workflow will trigger only when that field is changed and will not spam

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I think it should work like it is in the picture, with “on save”, “modified records”, “repeated runs” on.

Try removing the “condition” temporarily to see if that is blocking it.

And then check both your logs for any message at the time it runs.

I’m not trying to create a task each time an account is assigned to someone, I’ve already figured that out. I am trying to create a task for all existing accounts assigned to me, a task reminder to check in with the client.

Removed the condition, no dice unfortunately.