Workflow Run Always stuck Running


I’m hoping someone can guide me in the right direction.

When workflow is set to Run: Always, an email is sent, however the system isn’t recognizing its sent and the workflow status stays Running, with an email being sent every minute.

  • If I change it to Run: Only on Save, the workflow runs as expected with a status of complete.

Version 7.12.9

This might help

It’s normally a good idea to avoid Workflows that are “Always”, “All Records”, “no repeated runs”, as this generates tons of aow_processed rows in the database. Eventually, the process will just grind to a halt.

How many Leads do you have?

Check if your database has an overgrown aow_processed table.

Hi, Thanks for your response. If I update the workflow to Run: Only in the Scheduler, it’s the same result with status of Running and emails being sent every minute. It gets stuck in a loop on the first lead that meets the conditions. There are approx. 2000 leads.

Screenshot table

Try running the first query in this post, it’s good to find overgrown tables:

Do you see any errors in the logs?